ALI59: House Dinos

Location: Ordered online via temporary websites. Some feral cases exist.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: House Dinos are anomalous pets sold by an unknown organization through temporary websites that are advertised through social media. Despite the name House Dinos are not actually dinosaurs but are rather other animals genetically engineered to resemble the pop cultural image of dinosaurs on a miniature scale, usually at one-fifth scale. Usually these entities are modified reptiles, though there have also been modified amphibians, birds, insects, mammals, and one known case of a modified human. The House Dinos themselves usually come in two different ‘models’ of each represented species, a ‘realistic’ version and a ‘cutesy’ version. The cutesy versions have exaggerated features such as larger eyes and teeth to make them ‘cuter’, though these versions are usually more aggressive.

When House Dinos are delivered, they arrive vacuum-sealed in a thick plastic wrap housed in an unmarked cardboard box. While vacuum-sealed, the entity remains in a stasis with no perceivable bodily functions occurring. Once the seal is broken, the Dino’s bodily functions immediately start. The exact behaviors of the Dino will vary; however, the typical behavior is dog-like with a large desire and need for social interaction. They also seem to require large amounts of food and space. If the entity’s social or physical needs are neglected, it may become aggressive with its owner, to the point of injury or death, or escape to become feral. Once feral, the entity will mainly subsist on the local vegetation if an herbivore and the local wildlife if a carnivore. In instances where not enough wildlife is around to feed themselves, the carnivorous varieties of House Dinos have been known to attempt to eat human children. Fortunately, House Dinos are completely sterile and incapable of breeding.

Recommended Actions: If encountering an ad for House Dinos on social media, please report it so that the website may take care of it. Please do not order the House Dinos as they require a large amount of resources to safely take care of and we cannot be certain as to whether the creation of them is anything close to ethical. Please encourage anyone you may know in possession of a House Dino to have it safely terminated. If encountering a feral House Dino, please know that they are easily intimidated and can be driven away if they pose a risk. Please contact your local animal control so that the entity can safely and humanely captured and euthanized.