IHC60: Catch and Release UFOs

Location: Rural areas, most reports occur in the United States.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: Catch and Release UFOs are, despite the name, not actually UFOs as they are in fact identified though with little proper information on their origins. They are simply called UFOs due to the pop cultural associations the term has with the concept of alien vessels. These ‘UFOs’ distinctly have a tree-like shape to them, with the ‘arms’ seeming to provide steering and propulsion, the ‘trunk’ housing the habitable areas of the vessel, and the ‘roots’ allowing for manipulation and anchoring. From top to bottom these vessels are about three hundred feet (91.4 meters) tall.

Typically, the Catch and Release UFOs will search the countryside for ‘stray’ humans. Once a human is located, the vessel will use its ‘roots’ to pull the human to the entry port. The human will be examined by the entities inside, who are usually described as being crustacean-like humanoids, and then neutered and tagged. After all this, the human is released back into their environment of origin. It seems based on this that these entities are attempting to conduct population control on the human species for an unknown reason. It is currently theorized that the tags placed on captured humans have some sort of tracking technology on them due to the vessels attempting to track and recapture humans who successfully find and remove/destroy them.

Recommended Actions: If you are in a remote area, the best way to avoid an encounter with a Catch and Release UFO is to travel in a group as these vessels usually target solitary humans. Fortunately, no one is known to have ever been killed by one of these UFOs so do know that even in an encounter your life is probably not in danger. As a precautionary measure, if you intend to reproduce please take the appropriate steps to have your eggs/sperm cryopreserved.