HLC58: The Organic Computer

Location: Unknown, in American government possession.

Status: Unknown, presumed active.

Description and Behavior: The Organic Computer is a large living desktop computer made of organic material. The ‘tower’ is composed of grey matter of human origin contained inside of a chitinous exterior, which allows for incredibly effective multi-tasking and creative problem-solving abilities with a computing ability comparable to a supercomputer. At least three monitors are present utilising surprisingly versatile bioluminescent tissue covered in a clear thin membrane housed in a chitin shell to allow for a display. Attached are a keyboard and mouse made of muscle, bone, and cartilage which offer a means of navigating the Organic Computer’s interface. When it comes to mobility, the Computer uses tendrils largely composed of muscles emerging from each part of the entity. When not in use for moving, the tendrils wrap around the structure of wherever the Computer is to anchor itself in place.

This entity does not seem to be purposefully malicious to any person who is not a demonstrated danger to it. Many who have encountered the entity have noted that it is prone to ‘playful’ behavior. Sometimes this behavior can cause grievous injury as the Organic Computer does not seem to know its own strength. Documents detailing research about the Organic Computer, acquired after the dissolution of the International Paranormal Containment Association (IPCA) which had the entity in containment, indicate that the Computer was suspected to have been created by a technology cult ‘molding’ multiple living persons together and reshaping them via anomalous means. After the IPCA dissolved the Organic Computer managed to escape for a short time before being captured by the American government. Therefore, it remains difficult to verify the claims of the documents and witnesses as to the nature of this entity. We have placed a request with the government for our researchers to access the entity itself for more direct analysis.

Recommended Actions: It is highly unlikely for an encounter with the Organic Computer considering it is currently being contained by the American government. If the government were to somehow lose their ability to contain the entity and you were to encounter it please know that it very rarely causes harm to people, and when it does it does so in self-defence or by accident. Largely its behavior as recorded by the former IPCA seems to be friendly and desiring to help. It should be noted that as an entity formerly in containment by the IPCA, the various remnants of that organization are rumored to be reforming and seeking the reacquisition of the entities formerly in their possession. If true, that means that associating with the Computer may make you a target of these notorious operatives.