OMC72: Violent Music

Location: Originated from an unmarked vinyl record, has since been reproduced as cassettes, CDs, and digital media on the internet.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: Violent Music is anomalous music that traces back to an unmarked vinyl record likely from 1968. The music itself is said to sound like “a trash compacter crushing a piano while a woman is forced to sing after having her throat sliced open” according to a now-deceased music critic we hired to help analyze the track. From its start as a single vinyl, it found its way into the possession of an anonymous anomaly collector. At some point this collector either reproduced the vinyl or allowed someone else to reproduce it in different formats. First in cassette form, which eventually was burned onto unmarked CDs, and then made its way to the internet where it can frequently be found on video and music hosting websites. Some particularly malicious persons even place it in playlists with other songs.

The specific anomalous effect of Violent Music is that when audibly played a sharp, glasslike spike will grow from the speaker/speakers. Despite the apparent damage to the speaker, it will still be able to produce sound therefore allowing it to continue to grow the spike for the ten-minute runtime of the music. The rate of growth is dependent on the volume the music is playing at. Unfortunately, this effect can cause injury or even excruciating death to those who happen to be listening to the music with headphones or earbuds.

Recommended Actions: It is important to be vigilant at all times on the internet. There have been numerous hospitalizations and deaths caused by bad-faith actors on the internet tricking people into listening to Violent Music. Before listening to any new music on the internet, test it out on a low-risk speaker that is arranged to prevent injury or death. If you find instances of Violent Music on the internet, please report it to a moderator or administrator so that it may be appropriately handled. Never trust burned CDs, or unmarked cassettes you may find or be given. So long as the Violent Music is not played, it is not dangerous.