OMA46: Veggie Gushers

Location: Manifest as purchasable items in checkout lanes.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: Veggie Gushers are an anomalous snack food that can manifest in the checkout lanes of grocery stores. Despite not being an actual item sold by any of the stores it is found in, their systems will regard it as a valid purchase. The packaging of Veggie Gushers consists mostly of various shades of green in a swirl pattern with an anthropomorphized vegetable mascot holding the “Veggie Gushers” logo superimposed on top. There are no ingredients or nutritional information on the back of the packaging. Inside every package is the snack food itself and a ‘comic strip’. The Veggie Gushers themselves are a variety of marshmallow textured vegetables each filled with a dark red viscous liquid. The self declared ‘comic strip’ is devoid of anything resembling a story and is instead a series of photos of anthropomorphic vegetables chained to walls with chunks of their bodies removed and leaking what appears to be blood.

The anomalous effect of the Veggie Gushers is that when consumed it will over time (about one to two months) transform the victim into an anthropomorphic vegetable, though with the same consistency as the snack food. Animals refuse to eat Veggie Gushers and die if force-fed them. Once the person has transformed, they are actively stalked and pursued by a white van with the Veggie Gushers logo on it. If captured, they are never seen again though they can appear in the ‘comic strips’ in packages of Veggie Gushers.

Recommended Actions: It is important to be vigilant at all times, even in the checkout lane. Be sure to always look at the items available at the checkout lane and be sure to inform management as to any suspicious items, especially Veggie Gushers. If you or someone you know has consumed Veggie Gushers, going into hiding is essential to ensure freedom and survival. Contact your local authorities to make the necessary arrangements.