SHI47: Captain Pyre

Location: Varies wildly, though most time is spent on the American East Coast.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: Captain Pyre, real name Abigail Lyre, is an anomalous human who is a former employee of PRAE prone to defamatory statements about our organisation. It is a Caucasian female standing at about six and a half feet tall (about 2 meters), with short cut red hair. Usually it wears red, blue, and orange army-style fatigues and a red cadet hat when ‘in the field’ despite the outfit providing no camouflage. By means of pyrokinesis, it can control fire with notable precision and intensity. This is coupled with an abnormally high physical strength and resistance to high temperatures. How it came to develop these anomalous abilities is not known to us, despite its claims to the contrary.

This entity has a years long history of making trouble for both ourselves and the public at large. Captain Pyre has a bad habit of agitating and confronting anomalous entities, be they ‘supervillains’ or ‘monsters’, and causing untold collateral damage in the process. This is combined with the rampant defamation about us, PRAE, coming out of the mouth of this entity and the repeated disruption of our operations.

Some of the FALSE claims this entity makes about us include:

We deliberately dehumanize and sometimes kill our detractors

We lie or mislead in our ‘Recommended Actions’ to modify public behavior for our benefit

Leopold Lyre I is actually still alive

We serve some sort of entity called ‘The Beast’s Shade’

We both create and purchase anomalous entities to release on society

Many members of the Lyre family are themselves anomalous and dangerous

As can be plainly seen, these are nothing more than the disjointed ramblings of a person who has completely lost touch with reality. It is likely that whatever event rendered Abigail Lyre anomalous also eroded their sanity. Nothing this entity says should be taken seriously.

Recommended Actions: If you see Captain Pyre, know that your life is in danger regardless of how it presents itself. Pyre is a troublemaker with little connection to reality and therefore little awareness of the consequences of its actions. The best course of action is to attempt to dissuade it from remaining in the area with aggressive words and, if necessary, violence. Fortunately, this entity is not known to seek retribution for this against any ‘common citizen’. It is the only way for you to protect yourself and others from its carelessness.