PLC48: Self-Propagating Rubber Balls

Location: Originated in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Has since spread due to smuggling.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: Self-Propagating Rubber Balls are anomalous toys originally found in a factory in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Simply put, they are tennis ball sized rubber balls that reproduce via splitting every ten to eighty minutes depending on how much light and heat they are exposed to. Once they fill a closed room or container they will stop reproducing.

Originally only found and contained in a singular room in a factory in Bowling Green, Self-Propagating Rubber Balls have since spread largely due to various groups purposely obtaining and smuggling them to use for their own purposes. Specifically, the various Blood Angel Cult (IMI2) cells use the Balls in sabotage efforts by holding them in a glass jar they then shatter in an unoccupied room they wish to disrupt (usually with a lot of equipment). Fortunately clean up is easy enough with the proper tools as they are incredibly flammable.

Recommended Actions: Firstly, it is recommended not to try to keep any of the Self-Propagating Rubber Balls. They can rapidly become a large problem if mismanaged, especially if released outdoors. In the event of an infestation of Rubber Balls, the best method of disposal is by burning. If there is too much for you to burn, please seek assistance or call a professional.