OMC77: The Gateway Television

Location: A foreclosed independent video store in Passaic, New Jersey.

Status: Inactive (Broken beyond repair).

Description and Behavior: The Gateway Television was an anomalous display television belonging to a now bankrupt video rental business. It was a 30-inch CRT television from an unknown manufacturer in the late 1990s. The documents from the business claim that was repaired a total of seven times, the last time being in 2003 when it demonstrated its anomalous nature. Due to a rather tragic incident involving the deaths and maiming of several people due to this anomalous nature, the business faced a lawsuit it could not recover from financially. The location was initially shutdown for safety reasons and then foreclosed in 2005. The Television could not be relocated for safety reasons.

The specific anomalous ability demonstrated by this object was its capacity to generate accessible pocket realities. These pocket realities conformed to the program currently being displayed by the Television and could be entered by going through the screen. This experience has been described as like going through cold, thick syrup. Persons who have entered the Television have described the environment as being like an indoor studio set, regardless of the actual production setting of the program, with the extensive use of facades to create the illusion of a genuine environment. The characters of the program seemed convinced of their surroundings, though could be persuaded to realize the truth. A massive camera’s lens functioned as the gateway point from inside pocket reality, something characters would be oblivious to until brought to their attention. Beside the camera was only one entity, consistently described as being a “blurry, staticky shadow” which seemed to completely control the pocket realities to the point of being able to modify the behavior of both characters and the environment. It seemed only interested in keeping anyone who entered the Gateway Television from leaving. If someone managed to leave, the characters would follow them and instigate violence. Whatever would occur within the Gateway Television would not alter the happenings of the original program.

When our researchers conducted experiments on the Gateway Television, one of our goals was to temporarily extract the unidentified shadow entity to potentially learn more about it. Unfortunately, during the extraction the Gateway Television imploded and combusted, and the shadow entity escaped. We are not aware of the whereabouts of this entity, or even if it still exists, as no credible sightings have been reported.

Recommended Actions: As this object is currently thoroughly broken, it is unlikely to regain its anomalous nature. If it somehow does, or another television gains a similar nature, do not enter it. It is highly dangerous to enter, whereas not entering it rarely enables its more dangerous aspects. Please report any sightings of ‘blurry’ shadow entities to us, on the off chance it may be the escaped entity associated with this object. If it is still in Passaic, New Jersey, we will have to inform another organisation to investigate due to ours being banned from the city.