HHC95: The Friendly Fellow

Location: Manifests in buses and trains with low amounts of passengers.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: The Friendly Fellow is an anomalous entity that always takes the form of a man in their late sixties, with an apparent ethnicity identical to that of the individual they target. It usually wears a black business suit and a bowler hat. Generally, this entity manifests in buses or trains carrying a low number of passengers and deliberately selects a singular individual to sit beside and talk to. Most of these manifestations occur in the morning, however enough verified manifestations have occurred in the afternoon and evening to make it clear that the activity of the Friendly Fellow is not limited to any particular time.

When this entity sits next to their intended target, it will start talking about the target’s day. It will accurately recount the series of events the target has experienced up to that point, even if the target ignores the entity. The entity will then continue to talk about the target’s day, now predicting the future but discussing it in the past tense, until arriving to the point in the sequence of events where the target dies a typically tragic and brutal death. The events this entity predicts always come true, regardless of whether the target attempts to stop them in order to survive, and the target always dies within the day. Any attempts to kill the target, whether by others or the target themselves, before the described death will fail. The Friendly Fellow will stand up after the conversation and fade away after every step, completely de-manifesting after ten steps.

The exact nature of the Friendly Fellow is not known at this time. It is suspected of being a demon or an equivalent entity in power and knowledge due to its ability to accurately predict the future. There does not seem to be any interference conducted by this entity, outside of the conversation they have with the target, as none of the known incidents have evidence of anomalous manipulation. During an attempted interception of the entity, the only information we gathered was that the entity lacks organs, can seemingly only speak in the past tense, and prefers de-manifestation to confrontation. The individual targeted by the entity perished later that day.

Recommended Actions: If the Friendly Fellow targets you for conversation, you are guaranteed to die. There is nothing you can do to resist your fate. Our recommendation is to do what you can to put your affairs in order. Contact whoever you need to make the arrangements necessary to mitigate the heartbreak and financial strain your death may have on those close to you. If you have the time, please contact us at PRAE so that we may study your circumstances to better understand this entity.