OHA35: The Endless Shotgun

Location: The Lyre Family private collection.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: The Endless Shotgun is an anomalous firearm of uncertain origin. It resembles a crudely made sawed-off double-barrelled shotgun with a wooden stock. Usually it rests on a wooden display stand with the words “For Dealing With Lots of Problems” carved into it. When it fires off shots, the shells are automatically ejected from the weapon and a mechanical ‘clicking’ sound can be heard from inside it as it generates and loads itself with new rounds via an unknown process. This process can seemingly be continued without limit essentially allowing for unlimited ammo with no manual reloading. With this anomalous quality in mind, it would seem that this would be a rather desirable weapon for a person to possess. However, this weapon carries a secondary anomalous trait that renders its use incredibly dangerous. When touched, the Endless Shotgun will somehow cause any anomalous entities within a one hundred mile (160.9 km) radius to immediately become aware of and hostile to the wielder. This naturally results in repeated anomalous encounters. The Shotgun may prove useful in some encounters, though it will inevitably attract an entity that cannot be neutralized with a firearm guaranteeing the death of the wielder.

Recommended Actions: Fortunately, as the Endless Shotgun is under the watchful care of the Lyre Family, it is highly unlikely for a person to encounter this object. If an encounter somehow does occur, do not touch the weapon at all even if your current situation may seem dire. It will make your situation worse. You should instead contact us at PRAE, or the Lyre Family itself, to arrange for the object to be safely returned to the collection.