SLI36: Meaty the Coyote

Location: Can be found at various conventions in the United States.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: Meaty the Coyote is an anomalous entity that disguises itself as a neon red coyote mascot that travels the country. This costume has subtle spots on it, a purple mohawk, pierced ears and nose, and a shirt/leather jacket combination. The actual entity is a sentient pile of flesh, bone, eyes, and assorted organs that have the unusual ability to control their own movement rather precisely. It utilizes this ability to pile into the mascot costume and move like a human being, befriending many in the “Furry” subculture.

While this entity is not recorded as having ever caused harm to a person, this does not mean it cannot cause harm. Unfortunately, we have been unable to do a proper analysis of this entity as its human ‘friends’ have foiled our efforts to bring it into one of our labs for experimentation. While we do not have conclusive proof, we believe that these ‘friends’ are under some kind of anomalous influence as even the revelation of Meaty’s true nature did not deter their defence of it.

Recommended Actions: It is, at this time, recommended by the Registry to participate in any means necessary to separate Meaty the Coyote from its ‘friends’. These ‘friends’ prevent the Registry from carrying out the thorough investigation necessary to ascertain to true level of danger posed by this entity. They may even themselves be under some kind of anomalous mental manipulation without even knowing it. Once the Registry is able to conduct more thorough research of this entity, we will provide the public its much-needed information.