SLC39: The Stream Messiah

Location: Livestreams manifest at random on various livestreaming websites.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: The Stream Messiah is an anomalous animatronic depicting Jesus Christ that, from archived footage, seems to reside in the rundown basement of an unknown building. From its location, it participates in near-constant livestreams of itself speaking to the audience. The websites hosting the livestreams have been consistently trying to crack down on them, however when one account is banned another is created and hosts the stream immediately. Even such extreme measures as shutting down the sign-up process do not work, as this entity somehow bypasses the process.

Livestreams from this entity largely consist of it sitting in place making erratic movements while talking, though it has demonstrated the ability to walk. It seems intent on communicating various proverbs, parables, and prophecies that are often bordering on nonsensical or are easily falsifiable. Despite this, those that watch these streams tend to be enamored with this entity and everything it says. Viewers will obsessively quote the Stream Messiah and attempt to live by its teachings, some claiming to be doing so ‘ironically’. Thus far this entity has not utilized its control to inflict any known harm.

This entity has demonstrated anomalous abilities beyond its capacity to captivate an audience or circumvent moderation. Among these are limited telekinesis, duplication of materials and objects, and a rumored ability to heal viewers. None of the exhibited abilities have proven to be a danger.

Recommended Actions: As this entity has not yet demonstrated any dangerous effects, it should be safe to simply ignore. If someone you know has started watching the streams, patiently try to dissuade them from further viewings. It is recommended for any livestreaming services to continue cracking down on this entity, as even though it has so far done little to no real damage there is no guarantee that this will remain the case.