PHI40: Flesh Displays

Location: Manifest as centerpieces during parties.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: Flesh Displays are anomalous decorative centerpieces made of various human tissue, such as muscle, bone, cartilage, and skin. The tissue usually takes the form of writhing tangled tendrils that reach out from a central mass to the ceiling and then hang down, though often not making any anatomical sense. Despite being aware of the entity’s appearance, invited attendees of parties where this entity manifest will not feel troubled by its presence and will instead admire and praise it. This reaction is an anomalous effect of the Flesh Displays. Any staff of the venue or uninvited attendees do not seem to be anomalously affected by these entities and will have the normal reactions to the situation.

One of these entities may manifest at any party, specifically ones with an invitation list of some sort. As soon as it manifests it becomes the center of attention of the partygoers. The invited attendees will heap praise on the entity and caress its tendrils. Slowly the Flesh Display will draw the affected attendees toward itself in the center of the room one by one. When an attendee reaches the central mass and stimulates it, the Display pulls them in and digests the victim in a matter of seconds. If a person unaffected by the Display’s anomalous effect stimulates a tendril, it will randomly flail about violently and can maim or kill those struck.

Recommended Actions: If faced with a Flesh Display, assuming you are not under its influence, it is recommended to attempt to damage or destroy the entity. Fire and highly acidic substances have proven highly effective. Flesh Displays have yet to demonstrate any level of intelligence in response to stimuli. So long as the task is done quickly and efficiently it can minimize the casualties of the incident.