OLC51: The Commoner’s Grimoire

Location: Commonly available on the black-market.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: The Commoner’s Grimoire is an anomalous book of anonymous, likely collective, authorship. Usually found as a paperback edition, though various hardcover editions exist. Inside the pages of each copy of the Commoner’s Grimoire are various magic spells, recipes, and general information. The key anomalous ability of this book is that every copy is remotely updated with new information periodically despite being a typical looking book. It is not known who, or what, is responsible for the process.

Spells and recipes contained within the Commoner’s Grimoire are not usually dangerous, with most dedicated to making everyday tasks easier. The main exceptions are the summoning and binding rituals, as attempting to summon or bind anything is inherently dangerous, and the recipes designed to induce physiological changes in an organism. Perhaps the most unethical, and most dangerous, ritual currently present in the book is one to turn any living person into an enthralled spirit by means of ritualistic torture and murder.

Recommended Actions: If encountering a copy of the Commoner’s Grimoire, it is recommended to destroy it to prevent irresponsible usage. Even if not destroyed, it is of no danger when not being used and so can be ignored. Please do not send PRAE any copies, as we already have enough to monitor any information that may appear.