HHA52: The Baal of Wall Street

Location: Wanders Wall Street in New York while disguised.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: The Baal of Wall Street is a highly intelligent demon known to reside on the famous street, usually in disguise. The most common disguises this entity uses are a homeless person, a lawyer, a successful broker, and even a stray animal. Its ‘true’ form seems to be a green-skinned humanoid with toad-like features dressed in the attire of a nineteenth century tycoon. This form is assumed when the Baal wishes to strike a deal with a person.

This entity mainly functions on making anomalous business deals with persons and organisations. Oftentimes the deals allow for sky-rocketing stock prices or the sabotage of rivals, due to circumstances created by the Baal, in exchange for something the Baal deems valuable. Usually this entails things like plots of land, political influence, and/or human sacrifices. If a person fails to uphold their end of a deal, the Baal of Wall Street has been known to use the terms of the deal as justification for seizing their soul as payment. It is suspected, because of the high rate of ‘soul seizure’, that the Baal deliberately seeks those most likely to fail. What is done with the souls is not known.

Many major stock market events, such as Black Monday, the Wall Street Crash of 1929, and the Panic of 1907 have been attributed to the Baal’s influence by certain independent ‘anomaly investigators.’ Whether this attribution is correct or not cannot corroborated as it would require an in-depth investigation of documents that cannot be accessed. While the entity is clearly intelligent far beyond the capacity of any human, it seems unlikely that it is aware enough of the entire machinations of the economy to deliberately cause collapse in a way subtle enough to go unnoticed as the perpetrator. It should also be noted that any purported connections of PRAE or PRAE affiliated personnel to the Baal of Wall Street are false.

Recommended Actions: It is recommended to not engage with the Baal of Wall Street at all in the off chance it attempts to make a deal with you. At the end of the day it is a confirmed demon, and so its motives are likely to inflict harm. No matter how much it seems to offer for how seemingly small of a price, you will end up being the exploited member of the agreement.