AHN26: Magnum Dogs

Location: Sporadic appearances in the midwestern United States. Usually wooded areas.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: Magnum Dogs are an anomalous species of horse-size canines that appear at random in the Midwestern United States. They have gold fur with black spots, black eyes, and a narrow snout. Genetically, they seem to be related to domestic dogs. These entities are highly intelligent and can mimic simple human speech to make basic demands. These demands will be followed by violence if not satisfied.

The origin of these entities is not known, what is known is that both individuals and small packs appear in remote locations after a brief flash of light. They are evidently ill-suited for the climate of the Midwest, as they without exception perish in the winter if unsheltered and not provided for. This unfortunately means that they often become violent out of desperation. If they are taken in and taken care of, they can prove to be loyal provided they are treated with assertiveness and one is able to take the periodic challenges to authority. Their diet consists of meat and some roughage to aid with digestion.

When hunting Magnum Dogs prefer to ambush prey, if a chase ensues, they will attempt to corner the prey. If specifically hunting humans, they will mimic the sound of a distressed child to lure the human close. Once the human is close enough it will grab and kill the human with its jaws and produce a sound akin to shrill laughter while eating. If the Magnum Dog wishes instead to make a demand of a human, it will instead approach from behind and bluntly state what it wants in one word. Any unwillingness expressed will result in violence. If the demand is met, it will leave without incident.

Recommended Actions: Magnum Dogs are dangerous and clever entities. It is recommended not to approach anything that sounds like a distressed child, and instead contact the authorities. If one makes a demand of you, give it what it wants and then contact the authorities when it leaves. Do not attempt to tame it, as it is a difficult and dangerous process.