OLC27: The Jubilist Manifesto

Location: Manifests on bookshelves.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: The Jubilist Manifesto is an anomalous political treatise written by an alternate reality Karl Marx. Copies of it have a plain red cover with “The Jubilist Manifesto” written across it with an author credit to Marx. It is a hundred and twelve pages long and has spare pages in the back for notetaking. Reading the book has the anomalous effect of causing the person to believe themselves to be from and in the reality the book originates from.

Based on the contents of the book, and the statements from persons under its anomalous effect, the reality from where the Jubilist Manifesto originates is one where Robespierre failed to displace the Cult of Reason with the Cult of the Supreme Being and so the Cult of Reason came to dominate France. Somehow France emerged victorious over the coalition against it while still a republic and reformed Europe along those lines, which included the widespread acceptance of the Cult of Reason among the new elites. This caused many of the negative aspects of the society of the time to be associated with the atheistic religion and allowed for a number of socialist movements to develop along religious lines as a reaction.

The book itself advocates for a classless society of the humble. It states that every fifty years, to prevent the accumulation of earthly wealth and pride, there should be a year of Jubilee where all wealth is gathered up and equally redistributed. The alternative reality Marx also advocates that a society has the God-given responsibility to care for its weakest members, ‘destroy’ those who take advantage of the disadvantaged, and have mercy on those driven to crime by desperation.

Recommended Actions: We at PRAE do not have a position on the contents of this book. Regardless, it is recommended to ignore the book if encountered as its effect can make life significantly more difficult. If the desire to read it is too great, it is recommended to destroy the book.