OLC63: The One-Word Dictionary

Location: The Lyre Family private collection.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: The One-Word Dictionary is an anomalous book that contains only one word and its utterly extensive definition. The specific word is ‘Ximellious’, an adjective. The definition is itself about three-hundred thousand words long and frequently digresses into typically unhelpful anecdotes from the uncredited author. When the Dictionary is opened by an English-speaking and literate person, they will find themselves drawn to read through the arduous single-entry volume in one sitting. Interruption of their reading of the One-Word Dictionary can cause severe distress and psychological issues. Often dehydration, hunger, and some hygiene issues arise during the reading process but very rarely do the victims perish. Once the reader is finished, they will insist on inserting the word ‘Ximellious’ into everyday conversation, often clumsily and without clarity of what the word means. If they are asked what the word means, they will start repeating the definition from the One-Word Dictionary verbatim though they can be convinced to stop.

Recommended Actions: As the One-Word Dictionary is currently in the possession of the Lyre Family, it is unlikely to be encountered. It is one of the few items safe enough to be allowed to be displayed in anomalous item exhibitions. In that situation, it is important to listen and obey the instructions of the object’s handler. If the Dictionary is encountered outside of the Lyre Family’s possession, please do not interact with it and report it to the local authorities, us here at PRAE, or the Lyre Family directly so that it can be safely returned.

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