OLC54: The Gift Machine

Location: Manifests inside of abandoned casinos.

Status: Active.

Description and Behavior: The Gift Machine is an anomalous claw machine game with a birthday theme known to manifest in abandoned casinos. Coloration varies wildly as the machine takes on the favorite colors of its intended target. The name of the target and their associated personality characteristics appear all across the object. Most of the time, the Gift Machine is softly playing heavily corrupted birthday associated music.

The main known anomalous effect of this object is its ability to target and analyse an individual to provide a ‘personalized’ claw machine experience. It does this by modifying its appearance to suit their tastes as well as manifesting the target’s most desired material objects as potential prizes to be won. This seems to be an effort to draw the targeted individual to the Gift Machine to play it, what the object gets out of the exchange is unknown. All known injuries or deaths near the manifestations of the Gift Machine seem to be caused by people or entities present in the abandoned casinos that have no known connection to the machine.

Recommended Actions: If encountering the Gift Machine, please ignore it. While it is not dangerous itself, it tends to reside in dangerous areas. In fact, please ignore abandoned buildings in general. You have nothing to gain from them and it is impossible to know who or what may be lingering inside.