OLC63: The One-Word Dictionary

Location: The Lyre Family private collection. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: The One-Word Dictionary is an anomalous book that contains only one word and its utterly extensive definition. The specific word is ‘Ximellious’, an adjective. The definition is itself about three-hundred thousand words long and frequently digresses into typically unhelpful anecdotes from the uncredited author. … Continue reading OLC63: The One-Word Dictionary

SLC61: The Pestering Crone

Location: Manifests late at night in random houses. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: The Pestering Crone is an anomalous entity resembling a small elderly woman. It initially manifests in a house at night and then remains in close vicinity to the initial manifestation point, in both visible and invisible forms, until it leaves of its … Continue reading SLC61: The Pestering Crone

IHC60: Catch and Release UFOs

Location: Rural areas, most reports occur in the United States. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: Catch and Release UFOs are, despite the name, not actually UFOs as they are in fact identified though with little proper information on their origins. They are simply called UFOs due to the pop cultural associations the term has with … Continue reading IHC60: Catch and Release UFOs

HLC58: The Organic Computer

Location: Unknown, in American government possession. Status: Unknown, presumed active. Description and Behavior: The Organic Computer is a large living desktop computer made of organic material. The ‘tower’ is composed of grey matter of human origin contained inside of a chitinous exterior, which allows for incredibly effective multi-tasking and creative problem-solving abilities with a computing … Continue reading HLC58: The Organic Computer

OLC57: The Flame Pants

Location: Unknown. Status: Unknown, presumed active. Description and Behavior: The Flame Pants are a pair of anomalous dress pants formerly worn by the con-artist turned politician and third-party presidential candidate Dexter Mallory. They adjust themselves to perfectly fit anyone wearing them. Their anomalous qualities manifested during one of Mr. Mallory’s infamously fallacious speeches on September … Continue reading OLC57: The Flame Pants

SHC56: The Reptilian Duelist

Location: Can manifest at competitions. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: The Reptilian Duelist is an anomalous reptilian humanoid known to be able to manifest at competitions. It stands at seven and a half feet (2.3 meters) tall and appears to be covered in dark grey scales. Its voice, while relatively deep and rough, is clearly … Continue reading SHC56: The Reptilian Duelist

OLC54: The Gift Machine

Location: Manifests inside of abandoned casinos. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: The Gift Machine is an anomalous claw machine game with a birthday theme known to manifest in abandoned casinos. Coloration varies wildly as the machine takes on the favorite colors of its intended target. The name of the target and their associated personality characteristics … Continue reading OLC54: The Gift Machine

OLC51: The Commoner’s Grimoire

Location: Commonly available on the black-market. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: The Commoner’s Grimoire is an anomalous book of anonymous, likely collective, authorship. Usually found as a paperback edition, though various hardcover editions exist. Inside the pages of each copy of the Commoner’s Grimoire are various magic spells, recipes, and general information. The key anomalous … Continue reading OLC51: The Commoner’s Grimoire

ALC50: The Curious Folk

Location: Remote wooded areas in North America and Northern Europe. Status: Inactive (Extinct). Description and Behavior: The Curious Folk were an anomalous species resembling small, furry humanoids usually draped in a bedsheet with eyeholes. They were described as having dark purple eyes with horizontal rectangular pupils. The typical height of these entities was about three … Continue reading ALC50: The Curious Folk

PLC48: Self-Propagating Rubber Balls

Location: Originated in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Has since spread due to smuggling. Status: Active. Description and Behavior: Self-Propagating Rubber Balls are anomalous toys originally found in a factory in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Simply put, they are tennis ball sized rubber balls that reproduce via splitting every ten to eighty minutes depending on how much light … Continue reading PLC48: Self-Propagating Rubber Balls